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F.R. "Nick" Nocerino Quotes

F.R. "Nick" Nocerino - "The Dean" of Crystal Skulls


"A Crystal Skull (a rock-quartz crystal skull) has a method of establishing rapport with the human mind, with a life force, and immediately extending that energy. This can be measured and it doesn't only extend the energy out like most of the other (non-quartz) crystal skulls do. It extends an entire wall of energy. How high this wall of energy goes, I don't know. I've never been able to climb a ladder high enough to measure this, but it certainly goes above my head with my arms extended. You know, we were able to test some skulls like that, and it was damn near a mile! That was the one we had [studied] for four months. The Mayan Skull. With the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull I felt that had I been two blocks away from it, the wall of energy would have kept going because my aurameter was bent over and would not straighten out. So, you know, the force gets stronger and stronger as the human mind works with it."

"No matter how many skulls I have seen, I have to honestly say that wherever there are skulls, there is UFO activity."


In 1945 F.R."Nick" Nocerino became the Founder and Director of 'The Institute of Psychic and Hypnotic Sciences' as well as 'The Society of Crystal Skulls International'. He  holds the first teachers credential for Parapsychology and Hypnosis issued by the State of California in 1968. Authoring his own curriculum, Mr. Nocerino taught in many Universities, Colleges and institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and Canada. His lectures, seminars, classes and extensive workshops cover such varied topics as Psychometry, Aura Reading, Hauntings, Mediumship, Magnetic Healing, Elemental Magic, Shamanism, Mermaids/Merwogs and Ancient Crystal Skulls, just to name a few.

Teaching is one of Nick's priorities. His unique style of story telling, combined with a well developed sense of humor, enable him to touch even the most hard to reach students. Extensive international travel and insightful research provide a wealth of experiential and scientific information easily woven into the classroom environment. Students can attend several classes on the same topic and never experience the boredom of scripted teachings. He is a teacher hard to out grow. Many of Nick's students have gone on to become respected international metaphysical teachers. This is why Nick is commonly referred to as the "Teacher's Teacher" and "The Dean of Crystal Skulls."

(Though Nick transitioned from this world in 2004, the present tense used above preambles the timelessness of his teachings and that Michele Nocerino has a number of workshops and classes on VHS tape, as well as audio sessions, that we are in the process of having digitized and edited to be offered on this website.)

Nearly forty years before the crystal movement of today, Nick was presenting public classes on their uses and benefits. his knowledge of "Frozen Water Stones" was handed down to him by his childhood teachers and predates the "New Age" concepts so popular today. The teachings imparted in his ongoing (to be continued by Michele Nocerino) classes are timeless and steeped in tradition. Testimonial to this fact is evidenced by many well known lecturers who consulted him, and now consult Michele, on a regular basis.

Mr. Nocerino has spoken on numerous radio and television stations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Among his credits is special recognition for contributions in the Alan Landsburg production,  "InSearch Of." He has been featured on "Sightings", "Mysterious Forces Beyond", "Strange Universe", the BBC and A&E on several projects.

Nick Nocerino British Museum

Nocerino at the scientific authenticity examinations
done at the British Museum

photo credit: JoAnn Parks

It should be noted that the testing at the British Museum (see photo above) concluded that the 'Smithsonian Crystal Skull' and the 'British Museum Crystal Skull' were carved using relatively modern tools so they could not be classified as being of ancient origin. On May 26, 1996 The British Broadcasting Corporation aired an hour long program about the crystal skulls. Nick was invited to participate in the scientific authentification examinations done at the British Museum in London.

His crystal skull, SHA NA RA, and the one owned by JoAnn Parks, MAX, were among those brought together for examination. Only SHA NA RA and MAX showed no evidence of modern tool marks, lending scientific credibility to their "Ancient Crystal Skull" designation. It is also interesting to note that only SHA NA RA and MAX have been available for the public, and their caretakers, Michele Nocerino and JoAnn Parks, are led to make these skulls available to the public for private and group sessions, which is a completely different and personal experience than viewing them in a museum or just reading about them. The purpose of these skulls is to help raise the awareness and oneness of our relationship to the universe and each other. We all appreciate the opportunities afforded by Michele and JoAnn in the personal commitment they have made for many years to fulfill the wishes and purpose of the skulls that are in their care.

We hope you get an opportunity to sit with an Ancient Crystal Skull and we will do our best to develop a comprehensive calendar of events on this site. At present, SHA NA RA calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. Private sessions are also available by appointment based on availability.

Please direct any inquiries to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  we look forward to serving you.