Saturday, December 10, 2022

Michele Nocerino Quotes

"My father was a parapsychologist, teacher and researcher; many people feel that he was the foremost crystal skull expert of his time.  He spent a great deal of his life studying crystal skulls, seeking to understand how they were used and what the information that he received from them meant.  He blessed me with a profound metaphysical heritage and enriched my life with valuable knowledge and insights.  I am dedicated to furthering my father’s legacy in the fields of parapsychology and crystal skulls, and it is a privilege to be able to share the energy of Sha Na Ra with people everywhere.

After my father first encountered a mystical crystal skull in France during WWII, he went on to study and document hundreds of crystal skulls, becoming the founder of the "Society of Crystal Skulls, International". People from all over the world sought out my father's expertise in this field, and he studied most of the known ancient crystal skulls, including the elusive "Ami", the mysterious "Mayan Skull" that has since disappeared, and many others.

Of all the crystal skulls my father worked with, Sha Na Ra was the only ancient skull that he was guardian to. He located Sha Na Ra using his gift of psychic archeology and named the skull Sha Na Ra after one of his nine spirit guides.  

Sha Na Ra carries the energy of its relationship to the people who honored and created it, as well as the connection to how it was used, and how it will be used.  My father believed that ancient crystal skulls were a doorway to a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe in all its dimensions. It is with this understanding that I am honored to be of service with Sha Na Ra.